Under Contruction

Congratulations for finding M3 Muscle Motion Mastery. Mindaloo Lao-Scott and her Husband Chris Lao-Scott own and manage this business. If you’re looking for them you found the right place. Our business location hasn’t changed. We are just updating our website.

We are beyond excited to tell you we are combining aspsect of our business to also include all of the Neural Reset Therapy® sessions as well as the NRT credentialing courses taught nationwide, by Mindaloo Lao-Scott.

During this phase of the website reconstruction you can still email or call Mindaloo for assessments, Neural Reset Therapy® sessions, corrective exercise and NRT course information at either of the following email accounts.
You can also, call Mindaloo’s mobile phone at 573-823-3123 Texting is OK

If your looking for sessions with Chris or are interested in Muay Thai training please contact him directly by emailing
Or via Chris mobile phone

Thanks so much for your patience during this construction. I promise the results will be well worth it

Just one block north of Wilson's on Forum Blvd.
2718 Forum Blvd, Suite 3B Columbia MO